20 Mar 2011

Dark sky

I know this is not the most suitable place where write about this. The post I had decided to write was different but can't ignore what's happening in Lybia. Italy is providing the bases for the military intervention decided by France, Uk, USA and Italy too in Lybia, war planes rose up yesterday nights and a hundread of missils were dropped to strike military targets. But like in all the wars it's not excluded  that civils could be shot during the attack, in addition to those hit by the bombs coming from the regime against the rebels. So this makes me sad for this people who wishes only freedom and independence from a long time dictatorship.

I don't know if this military action could be avoided,  surely is a war to protect  Lybians - is also an oil war? Who knows? - but I know that the last patch of Italy, the island of Lampedusa in Sicily, is only 60  miles from Tunisia, and Italy some hundreads from Lybia. And although we were reassured that Lybians don't have so powerful weapons to reach our Country, we all know that the terrorism can hit anytime-anywhere, and the fact we're very close and involved is scary for the possible reaction of the regime.

I wish there won't be a long time war in the Mediterranean even if seems it's already started.

Update: also Italian war planes will add to the allies operation.


  1. there is so much happening in the world at the moment its horrible :( a suitable post.

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

  2. yes, agree, it's hard speaking about fashion or something cool...when you're hearing the latest news

  3. Nobody has explained us why now?, why there?

  4. the official reason should be protecting people from the retaliation of the regime, that crushed the revolts by force, firing on the crowds and the rebels.

  5. That's a great question that net-a-porter polled. Let me know when you find your lifetime bag, I think I already chose mine!!

  6. Well am certainly glad you are bringing this up and thank you for that. I think we should all be aware of the world around us, and not just bury our heads in pretty things and pretend s*** doesn't happen.
    But in the case of Libya, my opinion is that even though the motivation behind these strikes is questionable, Gaddafi has to go. That guy is crazy beyond words.


  7. Maya: he has to go and think the action is necessary.
    He is a crazy-fanatic-dictator, when came in Italy he claimed to hold a conference reserved to only beautiful girls about Islam,saying they had to be converted!

  8. War is never necessary and it never protects anyone. It's just an excuse for power-crazed dictators to pass off as "heroes". Nobody ever "wins" a war - in war, everyone's a loser. I'm sure getting the heck out of Italy before it gets any more dangerous. As if this place wasn't messed up enough.

  9. Sascha, yours is an idealist position. Any war is not necessary in principle, you are right in principle.
    But the ONU military intervention, in my opinion, is necessary to restore no-fly zone and human rights and prevent that dictator-thing that's happening- drops bombs on the rebel people.It's force against force, evidently diplomacy didn't work...