26 Nov 2010

Giveaway is in the air

Hello darlings,
I will be in Milan from tomorrow, I hope to be able to post because I will go shopping a lot! :)

And...I think there will be a little surprise for you, my dear adorable readers...so stay tuned!

22 Nov 2010

Leopard mon amour!

If there is something cool, always trendy in every season is leopard print. When I wear leopard, I like matching it with a total black outfit or a touch of red or grey. It becomes more sophisticated, you need a delicate balace not to be vulgar, for example, I prefer wearing feminine shoes and not grunge boots  to smooth out the total effect. The red lipstick and tidy hairs could complete perfectly the look. Enjoy some examples!


20 Nov 2010

Chanel make up

New Purchases
In the picture: Natural Finish Powder (number 22), Blush duo effect tweed (number 17), Rouge Allure Insolence (number 65), Nail 547 pulsion, Nail 505 particulier (I already bought it), Rouge Allure Passion (number 14), Eye Pencil noir (number 61), Eyeshadows (number 46 and 12).

Yesterday was a very busy day but I could fit together all the things I had to do. As promised I show you all the things I bought yesterday at the Chanel make up appointment. I was already a Chanel fan but testing on my skin all the new products I was really enthusiastic.
I have to say that the visagiste was really good and he tried on my face the new limited edition make up which I'm gonna speak about. I was a Dior beauty addict with also a lot of products from Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome, all the French beauty maisons, but I was really surprised by all the news from Chanel.

18 Nov 2010

Olivia Palermo for Mango


Preview Chanel Make up

Hi guys,
Tomorrow is Friday (thanks God) and I tell you in advance you will see a post on make up, I think on Saturday, because I decided to book an appointment at a Chanel visagiste who will put on me a personal make up, and make me see all the last news in the Chanel make up. I'm not a super expert in make up but I am a Chanel fan, I love all the French beauty brands. I promise you will be brought up to date on my purchases, I will return at home with some Chanel products which I will not be able to say no!
Then, I hope to show you a piece from my wardrobe I love so much!
To my Italian readers: I'm sorry if sometimes I have not much time to post the translatation, hope you will forget me, I'm gonna try to do my best.

Ciao ragazzi,
Domani e' venerdì (grazie a Dio) e vi anticipo che vedrete un post sul make up, credo sabato, perchè ho deciso di prenotare un appuntamento da un visagista Chanel che mi truccherà e mi farà vedere le ultime novità nel make up Chanel. Non sono una super esperta di make up, ma sono una fan di Chanel e amo i marchi francesi di bellezza. Prometto che sarete aggiornati sui miei acquisti, prevedo che ritornerò a casa con dei prodotti Chanel a cui non saprò dire no!
Poi, spero di farvi vedere un pezzo dal mio armadio che amo molto!
Ai lettori italiani: mi scuso se qualche volta non ho tempo di postare la traduzione, spero mi perdonerete, cercherò di fare il possibile.

16 Nov 2010

14 Nov 2010

PARIS BEST ADDRESSES: le fleurs du mal

Hi darlings,
as promised this is the post of the best addresses in Paris from an ex-Parisienne who lived in the heart of the famous "triangle d'or", precisely in the 8th arrondissement. I think there will be other posts on the city. So the argument will not be depleted in only one post. I decided to give first the restos, bar, night, and cafè addresses. I will give you fashion shops and places in the next post on Paris. Among my adresses, some are discovered casually, some are the trendiest ones, some are cults you can't miss if you visit the city.



8 Nov 2010


Maybe it could be useful to know something about me, I think there will be other HATE/LOVE very chic lists :)



dressing in a elegant way even to go out daily
feeling like Lady Gaga while I listen to her :)
my prior life and the good old days
stealing clothes from my sister's wardrobe (rarely)
meeting new people and old friends around the world
the childhood memories at the seaside
laughing and being moved by a movie
people who speaks about Art and Philosophy
having a coffee with old friends or new friends
Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo, Simone de Beauvoir


men that tell white lies
women that don't show solidarity one each other
not being able to go on the moon :)
not living in London to be able to see all the Tate exihibitions
arguing with my sister
not being an Art collector like Charles Saatchi :)
not being able to speak Japanese or Chinese language
the girls that wear like bitches (a bit of good taste, please)
when a dream is shattered

La traduzione in Italiano appena ho un pò di tempo (sorry!)

6 Nov 2010

On Paris

Hi guys,
brief post to say that I'm preparing a post on the coolest places in PARIS, so keep in touch!
From an ex-Parisienne! :) Have a good weekend!
PS: Thank you for your comments on the previous posts!

Ciao ragazzi,
breve post per dirvi che sto preparando un post sui posti più cool di PARIGI, quindi tenetevi in contatto!
Da un ex Parisienne! :)  Buon weekend!
PS: Grazie per i vostri commenti nei posts precedenti!

5 Nov 2010

My Accessories of the day: bloody croc bag



2 Nov 2010

What I love: LANVIN FOR H&M

Hi guys,
I am still excited because of the Lanvin collection for H&M, I think it's really amazing!
I look forward to buy everything...so do you think I could ask for my Christmas' present a month in advance? :D
I love all the dresses and the shoes are fabolous. Hope to manage to buy at least one of the pieces I like! Here you have my selection of what I love! You think that we could try to survive at the struggle among all the fashionistas in the stores on the 23 of November?:D


I want Lanvin not flowers!

The video of the collection designed by Lanvin for H&M!finally!