22 Mar 2011


Dear readers, 
want to announce a great surprise for you.

Some days ago I was contacted by Tobi.com, a very nice online boutique, 
 with a really wide selection of contemporary and designer clothing and accessories.
You can find great brands like ACNE, Alexander Wang, A.P.C., Alice+Olivia, Commes des Garcons, Cheap Monday, DANNIJO, Halston Heritage, Helmut lang, House of Harlow, Jbrand, Juicy Couture, Missoni, Opening Ceremony, SONIA by Sonia Rykiel, Twenty8Twelve, Vena Cava, Vanessa Bruno Athe, Vince, Vivianne Westwood Anglomania, only to mention some, 
but I invite you to see the complete list in designers as there are really cool others.

Tobi asked me to have an advertisement on my blog and 
I accepted this chance as you will have a very good advantage: 

You only have to click on the badge you find at your right and buy using the code reserved to my readers
on the badge, CHICLIST20. 

The shop also asked me to pick up and create an outfit you will see in my blog and on Tobi.com.

So what say more? What do you think about? Isn't this great? Have fun to buy!

* The brands excluded are only: Nixon, Hudson Jeans, Anthony Logistics for Men, TOMS Shoes, G-Star, Comme des Garcons, A.P.C., Hunter, Comme des Garcons Play, J Brand, UGG, Black Halo and all sale items.

20 Mar 2011

Dark sky

I know this is not the most suitable place where write about this. The post I had decided to write was different but can't ignore what's happening in Lybia. Italy is providing the bases for the military intervention decided by France, Uk, USA and Italy too in Lybia, war planes rose up yesterday nights and a hundread of missils were dropped to strike military targets. But like in all the wars it's not excluded  that civils could be shot during the attack, in addition to those hit by the bombs coming from the regime against the rebels. So this makes me sad for this people who wishes only freedom and independence from a long time dictatorship.

I don't know if this military action could be avoided,  surely is a war to protect  Lybians - is also an oil war? Who knows? - but I know that the last patch of Italy, the island of Lampedusa in Sicily, is only 60  miles from Tunisia, and Italy some hundreads from Lybia. And although we were reassured that Lybians don't have so powerful weapons to reach our Country, we all know that the terrorism can hit anytime-anywhere, and the fact we're very close and involved is scary for the possible reaction of the regime.

I wish there won't be a long time war in the Mediterranean even if seems it's already started.

Update: also Italian war planes will add to the allies operation.

17 Mar 2011

Happy 150 B-day Italy!

Today is a great day in Italy, we celebrate the 150 years - though it has a thousands years old history - since Italy was born as concept of whole Country with all its regions, merged together during the Risorgimento. In that historical and cultural period, full of patriotic ideas, turmoils and battles to gain independence,  the Italian identity was born.

We Italian often want to go abroad, looking for other destinations where let our dreams grow, often forgetting this is the best Country where you can live. Italy has a lot of beauties all over the regions, natural masterpieces in its varied country, beautiful coasts with their mild climate,
wonderful landscapes among the mountains, as well as places where you really breathe art everywhere, from the biggest cities you surely know to the smallest ones, little jewels, worthy to be visited.

Not talking about the Italian people: creative, dreamer, sociable, generous. It's not a common place.
What we are you can see in all the fields in which we excel and fashion is only one of these.
The made in Italy is sign of a hand-made, tailored, refined object and Italian style is a symbol, still nowadays all over the world, of a way of living surrounded by classy, pretty, precious things.

Very few Countries can boast a History like ours and I am really proud of my Country.

16 Mar 2011

The now idea

Among the fashion-shopping-resolutions of the next summer - actually I always thought about it but never did - there's the idea to customize a pair of jeans shorts, preferably white, with pins, studs and some little chains to have a light punk effect. Not too many. And some tears.
Is not so difficult, also for those who have never taken a needle in their hands (me!).
This pair is from Balmain, don't know the price but guess they are not exactly cheap, Balmain is a little overpriced, isn't it? :). Maybe these are a little too much customized...what do you think about? 
Have you ever customized anything? Am always tempted!
If I will do it, it's a promise, I will show you them!

15 Mar 2011

About Japan

It's difficult in these days blogging anything but the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan. When a tragedy of this sort- it's said over 10,000 died and only God knows what the plant of the nuclear reactors will cause - strikes a whole population, you remain dazed, watching the dramatic pictures of what seems apocalyptic. Japan used to be prepared to earthquakes but not to a disaster of this extent. In front of this destructive strenght of the nature people remains defenceless. My thought goes to people who died, 
and also to all the people that needs help now, who lost anything, 
is looking for family, to the children, who is homeless. This tragedy concerns us all. What we can do now is supporting and givin our donation to the humanitarian organizations that are taking care, with the volunteers, of the victims of this unbelievable tragedy.  

We can donate by American Red Cross, 10 $ to number 90999 texting REDCROSS or here
or by Italian Red Cross 2 euro at number 45500 via SMS or here

8 Mar 2011

The imperfections and other

The more I blog the more I feel a strange fashion blogger. I mean, when I see perfect outfits from streetstyle pics, beautiful models on the runways, adv campaigns in the magazines I have contrasting feelings. On one side, the first impression is that admire the aesthetics of the images, the perfection. Who doesn't like the cute things, the refined details? On the other side after a while, I have a repulsion feeling. It's like an excess of beauty that seems not very realistic. This happens to me always. It has to do with myself. It's like if in myself coexist two souls, one loves Beauty, the other loves the Truth.

In general I have the impression we care too much about being fashionable, always cool, perfect, glamour in our clothes. Almost don't excuse us when we aren't. Yes, we have to dress every day, but no, we have to direct all our passion in fashion and outward appearence. I mean, fashion is part of our life, but is a big game we don't have to take too much seriously.

Besides life is not always fashionable and cool like we are not. Don't you feel there's too much pressure in being aesthetically pretty? I want the freedom to be not perfect and want to be judged by who am rather than by my clothes. Am not an object. I know this is rethorical...but this is the reason  why I like more the truth of the imperfections and prefer real women, those who, with many defects, have something intelligent to say, deep thoughts, sincere smiles, proud eyes rather than a perfect body or cool dresses. The perfection of exteriority is long run boring and want to remember what somebody said, more than wore. So I would like to dedicate this post, in this day, to all the women who are not afraid of being not fashionable, who don't give a damn, who cultivate other passions. In a fashion-oriented world isn't this more courageous, read charming? More freedom.

Anna Magnani

6 Mar 2011

Taylor Tomasi and her Celine pouch

This is how an accessory can become extremely cool, necessary in our closet (although it's full of bags of all the kinds), a must have for the next season. I guess this gets into the desires of all of us fashionistas. Taylor Tomasi rules with her looks. 
Don't you think so?


2 Mar 2011

A Bellini please

The spare time of last week was made of a look at the catwalks, some going out with friends, some good aperos and a little of moments dedicated to myself, included a weekend spent to shop, bought some things by RedValentino I look forward to wear in summer! Any way it's still a long way off to think concretely about sun, beaches and having nothing in mind but which chill drink to order :-) So these desires stay only in my thoughts for now.

By the way of the last Milan catwalks we didn't see dominant trends in shapes, colours and themes.  Each designer expressed his type of woman with freedom and in a different way one each other, couldn't see common features. My personal preference this time goes to Ferragamo (and Scognamiglio is always my favourite new talent), I look forward to see Valentino. Have you got a favourite catwalk or a top 3?

It's sure that the most awaited catwalk will be Dior cause Galliano's crushing dismissal, you would already know he was removed cause the racist insults toward some people in a café. I think he has contributed a lot to the last Dior successes but nothing can justify racism, so the decision of the company was right and the only possible. I wish he apologies for this bad incident. What do you think about?
Update: His apologies are here The Official Statement.