23 Jun 2011

Inspiration from Milan

Pictures by Tommy Ton (from Style.com)

I love the absolute freshness of the first and the last pictures, what do you think about?
They remind me of those feminine clothes we can find in our mum or grandma's closet, aren't they? 
 A style that is never unfashionable, just matched with new accessories or revised in a contemporary key,  like the mini dresses made of white laces proposed by Dolce&Gabbana for this summer
(Anna Dello Russo wears an embellished version, with swarowski, in the picture).
I find also that an elegant note is in the effortless way the girls wear in.
Plus j'adore the hair cut, terribly chic!

12 Jun 2011

Born This Way

If you have some minutes check it out. Extraordinary live performance by Gaga.
She has such a great voice. Really love this.