27 Aug 2011

Saturday afternoon

"Sometimes we need to stop analysing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens." Carrie Bradshaw


That's my mood today and this is what I'm wearing this afternoon, a silk printed top, heels you already know, forgot to show you the blue shorts.
 Have a nice Saturday!

23 Aug 2011

Relaxed chic fall: suede inspiration

In order from the left: Isabel Marant suede leggings (1680$) and Notify skinny pants (805$), MiH shirt (175 $), Reed Krakoff (Wonder!) suede jacket (2500$), Alexander McQueen silk chiffon scarf (295$), Yves Saint Laurent Opyum suede pumps (665$), Yves Saint Laurent Tote (1995$), Cartier Love bracelet.

21 Aug 2011

Charlotte Casiraghi on Vogue Paris

This editorial expected on the September issue of Vogue Paris dedicates Charlotte Casiraghi to becoming a new icon of style and beauty like her mother Princess Caroline, was at her age. Like any icon she is that naturally. An unstudied elegance, a gentle sensuality make her admired by the girls all over the world and in the shooting signed by Mario Testino and styled by Emmanuel Alt, emerges a feminine girl, who doesn't folllow fashion trends: somehow she looks at old glamour given by classic clothes with a touch of personal taste, in a cool posture, with an intellectual-chic way of being.
She wears basic pieces carrying forward the French and Italian heritage of well-dressing: Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Isabel Marant, the highly-appreciated-designer-in-Paris Giambattista Valli, Alberta Ferretti, Valentino, Versace, Pucci, Gucci are her favourites and her choises in the pubblic events and in her casual looks.
Which is your favourite picture, guys? I love how she looks lay down in the Alberta Ferretti blue dress.


9 Aug 2011

Summer Scrapbook part 1

Hello darlings,
Sorry for my absence, my holidays have started only a week ago, very later than expected, I spent some days in my summer home where I could relax.
My baggage included few things, light dresses and comfy shorts, no heels, passed my days getting up late in the morning, staying outdoors, and apart going to the sea to sunbath, during my parents' absense, enjoyed cooking fish dishes - it was the occasion to try simple and tasty recipes at my friends' expense! To tell the truth am a little disaster in kitchen and generally I cook only to survive...Ha Ha! - loved also taking care of the garden and the fruit trees and applied myself to improving my green fingers!
Only very late we went down in the village to have dinner and drink at the bar (skipped the club).
So peaceful habits, idleness, sleeps, no phones, no noises, just a lot of pleasant chats with friends in front of the view of the still sea, thanks to the location we enjoy on a little hill. And you, how are spending the vacations?

Here you have some random pictures, taken yesterday, of the things used to go to the sea: a see-through flower shirt, that's ideal to match with a cherry bandeau swimsuit or a yellow or green bikini (all La Perla), my beach towel and a rafia bag (bought on a Sicilian island last year) which I can totally fill with books - am alternating some pages of a classic detective story by Agatha Christie to an essay I had in mind to read - camera and sun creams.
Showed also the flat sandals I used for the village and the capacious blue bag (Furla) to go to the farmers' market to buy fresh bread and vegetables. I have fun going to the markets and talking with farmers, I find out always new things, am totally inexperienced and like learning all about organic products.
With the strong sun, during the day I never use make up, at night only a light illuminating tinted moisturizer by Elizabeth Arden, a thin layer of Dior blush, and a line of eye pencil to shade the eyes with rimmel. Essential for me is also paying much attention to clean perfectly the skin: to this purpose can't renounce to the Carita eau lactee, until now the best cleanser I've ever found out.

Talk to you soon!
Ciao belli!