27 Apr 2011

A bad wedding guest?

Hi dears,
did you spend a good week-end? I did a little trip to my seaside home with my friends and in the best tradition we organized a barbecue to stay outside and in the nature.
In these days as you know there's a lot of talk about the royal wedding, -2 at the count down, every media is dealing with the event of the year...that Cinderella's tale fulfils, and a commoner gets married a Prince, (blonde, blue eyes, the most blazoned in Europe) is not an everyday thing...as Tony Blair well said British monarchy is an affair for tourists, charms and he is totally right: the ceremony catches the attention of the whole world and hundreds of thousands of visitors are coming in the City. About the couple everything is said, newspapers are analysing Kate's style, family, origins (the British pay a lot of attention at these kind of things with the inevitable comparison with Diana), and pages and pages are wasted since months. The girl actually, nice and intelligent, excites the interest and the curiosity of all of us for her simple appearence, standing to be the princess of the people, almost like Diana but more as from the middle classes she comes. We will see!

Still talking about weddings, I have a wedding of a dear friend at the beginning of May.
When a friend says she gets married you think in order:
1 Oh my God! I'm so happy for youuuuu!
2 Ok, let's forget all the nights spent together drinking and chatting about men and all girly matters.
3 Oh my God! What I'll wear?!
4 Wedding? Somebody still gets married?! This, with the closed mouth, just in my mind.

About the last point, have to admit I have contrasting feelings, am not much for weddings in general for a precise reason: the weddings would be beautiful, don't misunderstand, if only lasted and didn't finish so miserally in many cases. Too many. And when I see a couple vowing to be together for the whole life, I can't think about but all the breakings-off. Not so romantic! Moreover I convince myself more and more they have not to be just a love affair, I mean, a good amount of rationality helps, as nothing more than the heart can make big mistakes.
Never say never but this kind of big promises scare me. Anyway, these thoughts don't take anything that am glad for my friend, though knowing we'll see less.

About the dress I haven't decided, have so many elegant silk-chiffon dresses worn once that seem wasted to languish in my closet, so even if could be a good cause to buy a new one, think I'll drop (not completely sure, we'll see this weekend). Have a handful of possible choises trying to avoid black and white dresses, the pastels colours are terrible for everybody unless you are 80 y.o. and are the Queen Elizabeth,  just to keep the point. I could wear a long green dress, peplum style, bought in NYC last year...but I want to wear something short. Simply light, swirling, tasting summer like that. 

Giambattista Valli

20 Apr 2011

Jogging Time

Dear readers,
this is a brief post to excuse me for my absence and lack of posts, almost 2 weeks in the blogosphere seem to be an eternity, I was very busy and have to admit I missed my blog so much...so I promise to dedicate more time and care to it. Shortly we''ll have Easter holidays, mine will be full of commitments and few holidays, but so that's ok. I'm discovering that I like to be absorbed in my must-do-things more than fun and relax. It's quite strange, isnt't it? In some periods seem a work-aholic! Does it happen to you? The only negative note could be that the travel I had planned should be put off until the end of May, but after all that's not bad, I'll have a milder weather for my strolls.
Also in these days I'm feeling like jogging, it's a super good method to relieve tension and stress, staying open air, having a super healthy diet as much as good habits like going early to bed and waking up very early in the morning. Specify it has not to do with losing weight, but with a good way of living Latins summed up in "mens sana in corpore sano".
Well...ok...the last two things will be very difficult to keep. How long will it last? Maybe will do all that for some days - someone is having a bet if I will do it for at least 4 weeks and am well-known for wishing to win all my bets - anyway I'll keep you up to date. The plan starts tomorrow :-)

Here the always-supercool-very inspiring-Gwyneth Paltrow

2 Apr 2011

Lovely things

Have a look at these heels from River Island (65£), I find they are really lovely and I'd like to buy them.
 Why doesn't it ship to Italy?! Suggestions to know how or where to buy them (aren't even sold on Asos)?

And have a look at these very nice Isabel Marant-style jeans from Asos (46$), really the exact copy.


1 Apr 2011



my favourite shades, a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer I keep with me everywhere, also in winter days.
English countryside.
authentic generosity from people you wouldn't expect.
reading an absorbing book. Boring books are awful, aren't they?*
friends (very few).
people who fights for the ideals, men and women who have courage at the cost of their life. How incredible is that?
white dresses in summer and leather jackets always.
fucking what people says (Even if it would wiser to listen).
American People**.


wasted time I can't get back.
time I don't have at the moment to travel abroad. Dreaming California. :-)
French Countryside.
those who don't practise what preach.
having fear.
thinking that world will never be changed.
tights in spring.
France that pushes the immigrants away.
when people doesn't have an opinion.
silly movies.

*By the way, I will ask your participation about this.
** I will talk about it in a post.