20 Apr 2011

Jogging Time

Dear readers,
this is a brief post to excuse me for my absence and lack of posts, almost 2 weeks in the blogosphere seem to be an eternity, I was very busy and have to admit I missed my blog so much...so I promise to dedicate more time and care to it. Shortly we''ll have Easter holidays, mine will be full of commitments and few holidays, but so that's ok. I'm discovering that I like to be absorbed in my must-do-things more than fun and relax. It's quite strange, isnt't it? In some periods seem a work-aholic! Does it happen to you? The only negative note could be that the travel I had planned should be put off until the end of May, but after all that's not bad, I'll have a milder weather for my strolls.
Also in these days I'm feeling like jogging, it's a super good method to relieve tension and stress, staying open air, having a super healthy diet as much as good habits like going early to bed and waking up very early in the morning. Specify it has not to do with losing weight, but with a good way of living Latins summed up in "mens sana in corpore sano".
Well...ok...the last two things will be very difficult to keep. How long will it last? Maybe will do all that for some days - someone is having a bet if I will do it for at least 4 weeks and am well-known for wishing to win all my bets - anyway I'll keep you up to date. The plan starts tomorrow :-)

Here the always-supercool-very inspiring-Gwyneth Paltrow


  1. I missed you :-)
    Jogging is great great great. Though I only like to run on a treadmill in front of TV. :-D


  2. Yes, you have been missed! About to go on a jog now. Laundry, the dogs, all piling up and driving me crazy. Time to run it off.

  3. Thank you dears, you are so sweet!
    Noelani, I believe it!We'd need a 30 hours day... :-)