25 Jan 2011

New Header

Hi guys,
just a quick post...I promised a change in my blog, and now you see it above :) NEW HEADER!
It's signed by Maya Beus, a talented artist who works also on commision and sells beautiful drawings  as well as tres chic headers like this on her space in Etsy. If you want to read my interview to Maya and see some of her cool works, go here!
Do you like it?:) I LOVE it!

24 Jan 2011

Low Cost-High Style

Inspired by Stella McCartney and Lanvin previous shoes collections.

Pay it forward

Hello guys,
as I received a tag from Maya in her Pay it forward post I get ready to do a personal list of 7 things you don't know about me.

1-I do love eating pasta and sushi, go crazy for avocado maki and love also Thai and Vietnamese food especially shrimps rolls :)

2-I like people who are caring and open minded and I don't stand snob people (even if I could seem to be for my reserve), usually when I meet a snob one get snobber than him :)

3-I'm a geek girl and am very democratic (I mean VERY VERY), the two things have no connection but wanted to say them :)

4-When was a child I wanted to become an architect but this has remained only a passion.

5-I watch hardly tv apart informations and like reading newspapers (specify am not an alien) -they are getting the only source of true informations (I don't know if you know what's happening in Italy now, we turned from a Parliamentary Republic to a kind of bitches Republic and I feel very ashamed of it )

6-I love talking with my little niece and nephew and have a lot of fun to make questions to them and listen to their strange answers :), sometimes reveil themselves very true...children innocence!

7-I have with fashion a balanced relation that is I would never spend all my money in fashion. Believe in buying long lasting pieces and not so temporarily fashionable, so am a wise fashionista.

I tag Me Giraffe, My outer Values, Sascha's daily dramaBigcitylittleshoes, Mademoiselle Economist, Little house of style,Thebuttonowl, Sketchbooksix

22 Jan 2011

Need a cut?

Every time a woman cuts her hairs seems there is a revolution in act, a turning point in her life and is a way to leave something behind. Is this a commonplace or not? Surely are an essential part of our body we care a lot and usually we are never happy about them. For a woman are a symbol of femininity, frame the face, give a character to it.

Am always attracted by short hairs and when I see a woman having  them I ask myself  why she wears short. I need also to explain  am an observer and  through hairs  think sometimes you could  understand something of a person. There could be many reasons, aesthetical, practical, momentary insanity or fashion. Long hairs could seem more feminine than short ones at first sight. If you are asking how I wear...have long (black) with a kind of layered long fringe.
Turning over the pages of Vogue Italia the editorial about Keira Knightley captured my attention. She has a delicate but impressive face, maybe so slim to seem bony and make her eyes bigger than how they are. She has short hairs. Can you say she is not feminine...?No, she is, maybe is a new kind of femininity...effortless sexy and natural...but surely not a structured and displayed femme fatale and this is positive.

We could say there are also cuts and cuts...that is, a very short cut is more difficult to wear but if you have a little face, it does nothing but put it in emphasis. Bob cut for example, is a good middle way, is chic and makes the face tidy (I had on it when was 12, who of us didn't have short hairs when we were children? It doesn't matter in these remarks:)). Without venturing, a medium short cut is a good solution to frame the face.

And now the most important point: give character.
I imagine a woman with short hairs having strong personality, resolute and volitive, caring in substance and easy going like I am. As well as chic and cool.

Conclusion...This could be the right moment to cut, I find no peace with my hairs and this displays the commonplace I am a little restless this period. To do or not to do?
Are there short cuts among my readers? Come forward...

PS: the next post will be the pay it forward and there will be also a change in the blog.

19 Jan 2011

Super cool


How lovely would be my sweet feet inside these wonders?:) I don't believe in Cinderella's tale anymore but these make me dream. Does anybody know how much blood they cost?:)

14 Jan 2011

Daily Obsession: Jil Sander

Jil Sander shorts

I'm crazy for Jil Sander spring summer collection, love the bright colours and these shorts are my last obsession. They are too cute, aren't they? Unfortunately I didn't find my size on Net-a-porter. @à#[%£!

On December I went to a private sale in Jil Sander shop in Milan and there were only clothes from the runway or almost, many 38 (Italian size) and beautiful shoes 39-40 and more...(I have a small but not so small! and normal feet) so I found nothing. @à#[%£!

IS THIS A CURSE? @à#[%£!

7 Jan 2011

Dress this way

So many matters  I have in mind which would like to talk about... I need a little order in my thoughts...
First, I want to do a special thank to everyone of you who visit the blog, read, comment, if this blog exists it's thanks to you...!(To be honest there were times I thought not to blog anymore...:))
When I started blogging I had no idea of what huge web community could exist, sincerely I do not know exactly why I started but have to say I have found a lot of interesting people who I love reading, of supportive one each other girls, genuine people who write to share, not only as an outlet; it's funny discovering how many things you can have in common with people on the other side of the earth and am not talking about fashion but readings, passions, interests. Am always surprised to look in a blog the same things am interested to!
Second, I would like to thank a blogger, Sascha from Sascha's daily drama (she is one of the genuine  bloggers who has an impressive biography of roots and countries) who I received the sunshine blog award from! Thank you very much Sascha!

And finally after these holidays in which everybody dressed up I really need a long period of minimalism and detox from clothes, designers...I have had a sort of bulimia from the pictures of other bloggers' outfits with fashionable designers clothes and accessories and from the shop windows (it's not so positive as this is period of sales, the idea of elbowing or getting into a line make me shivered ),  so I prefer having as much as possible simple clothes and a natural look. I feel this way and I dress this way. Chignon preferably +natural make up+black turtleneck+black simple lines trousers. The only concession, my leopard flats. That's all. Have a nice we.

4 Jan 2011

Fashion Drawings

Good morning guys,
as promised I would like to introduce you a very talented girl who makes amazing and to die for drawings but not only. She is as much good in drawings (as much as Garance Doré, in my opinion possibly better than Garance's ones :)) as clever and a post feminist kinda girl like me :), her illustrations come out from paper as if speak and her blog is a mix of smart and tres chic remarks, very true to us, girls' life and the best fashion. 
Each post is meaningful and interesting, thought to create a discussion and written with style, you should read it! Every time I see her beautiful drawings feel like getting back to draw, one of my passions :). Maybe one day I'll show you mine :), time permitting!
You find below her drawings, click the post! and a little interview I made for you.

She is MAYA BEUS, check out her blog! http://mayabeus.blogspot.com/


1 Jan 2011


hello my dear readers,
spent marvellously the last night of the year? Welcome 2011!

I wanted to tell that Kristy from VOGUE GONE ROGUE, my giveaway winner, posted an amazing outfit in the beautiful galleria in Milan with the BAG won from my BLOG!
You can find her with the outfit below

CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK ------->Happy New Year!