24 Jan 2011

Pay it forward

Hello guys,
as I received a tag from Maya in her Pay it forward post I get ready to do a personal list of 7 things you don't know about me.

1-I do love eating pasta and sushi, go crazy for avocado maki and love also Thai and Vietnamese food especially shrimps rolls :)

2-I like people who are caring and open minded and I don't stand snob people (even if I could seem to be for my reserve), usually when I meet a snob one get snobber than him :)

3-I'm a geek girl and am very democratic (I mean VERY VERY), the two things have no connection but wanted to say them :)

4-When was a child I wanted to become an architect but this has remained only a passion.

5-I watch hardly tv apart informations and like reading newspapers (specify am not an alien) -they are getting the only source of true informations (I don't know if you know what's happening in Italy now, we turned from a Parliamentary Republic to a kind of bitches Republic and I feel very ashamed of it )

6-I love talking with my little niece and nephew and have a lot of fun to make questions to them and listen to their strange answers :), sometimes reveil themselves very true...children innocence!

7-I have with fashion a balanced relation that is I would never spend all my money in fashion. Believe in buying long lasting pieces and not so temporarily fashionable, so am a wise fashionista.

I tag Me Giraffe, My outer Values, Sascha's daily dramaBigcitylittleshoes, Mademoiselle Economist, Little house of style,Thebuttonowl, Sketchbooksix


  1. Your grandson??? It's not possivle, how old are you? I liked to read all these new thing about you. I'm a democratic too! Very, very!!!

    Stop by and check my giveaway. xx, R


  2. Raquel, was wrong with the word, I meant nephew, I'm a girl...and aunt(as I have an older sister)!ahahahahah :)this was funny

  3. Hahaha I knew that was something wrong. I do that all the time, but go girl, we are not natural english speakers but we do so in our blogs and thats quite something. =) Since you commented in the giveaway post, leave me your email in another commet too so I can enter you in the giveaway =) xx