22 Jan 2011

Need a cut?

Every time a woman cuts her hairs seems there is a revolution in act, a turning point in her life and is a way to leave something behind. Is this a commonplace or not? Surely are an essential part of our body we care a lot and usually we are never happy about them. For a woman are a symbol of femininity, frame the face, give a character to it.

Am always attracted by short hairs and when I see a woman having  them I ask myself  why she wears short. I need also to explain  am an observer and  through hairs  think sometimes you could  understand something of a person. There could be many reasons, aesthetical, practical, momentary insanity or fashion. Long hairs could seem more feminine than short ones at first sight. If you are asking how I wear...have long (black) with a kind of layered long fringe.
Turning over the pages of Vogue Italia the editorial about Keira Knightley captured my attention. She has a delicate but impressive face, maybe so slim to seem bony and make her eyes bigger than how they are. She has short hairs. Can you say she is not feminine...?No, she is, maybe is a new kind of femininity...effortless sexy and natural...but surely not a structured and displayed femme fatale and this is positive.

We could say there are also cuts and cuts...that is, a very short cut is more difficult to wear but if you have a little face, it does nothing but put it in emphasis. Bob cut for example, is a good middle way, is chic and makes the face tidy (I had on it when was 12, who of us didn't have short hairs when we were children? It doesn't matter in these remarks:)). Without venturing, a medium short cut is a good solution to frame the face.

And now the most important point: give character.
I imagine a woman with short hairs having strong personality, resolute and volitive, caring in substance and easy going like I am. As well as chic and cool.

Conclusion...This could be the right moment to cut, I find no peace with my hairs and this displays the commonplace I am a little restless this period. To do or not to do?
Are there short cuts among my readers? Come forward...

PS: the next post will be the pay it forward and there will be also a change in the blog.


  1. i actually think short hair are very feminine, but it is not new... in the 20's (i think?) short haircuts were common place and when women curl them and style them with a long feminine dress, it does the trick!
    i love Keira Knightley's hair... she is a feminine tomboy :)
    but as for me- I have a problem cutting my hair. I HATE to go for a haircut, I'm never happy; hence I end up not going and my hair is a mess... it is not ideal, but at least I can't blame it on a hairdresser, I assume the blame voluntarily!

  2. yes, you are right, they are very feminine. I meant recently from 70 until now I found very few beautiful women with short hairs a part some cases like for example Linda Evangelista or Agyness Deyn who infact made their hairs their peculiarity.

  3. I love fancy short hairstyles, but I don't think I'm ever cutting mine :)


  4. I'm struggling with this problem these days! I want to cut my hair but I don't want short hair. Aaaaah! I'd really want a breathe of fresh air in my look, though...

  5. Being a hairstylist i actually understand what you are talking about!
    Most of my clients are so hesitant to wear their hair short..
    And Indians have an inherent affinity towards long locks!

  6. I love Keira, and she looks amazing here! Very sexy :)


  7. I love it! Really like your blog as well :) Join my Zara dress give away if you like!


  8. I think Keira has very feminine features which means she could have her hair really short and still look delicate and feminine. I love short hair on girls but I know a lot are a bit cautious about having the chop.


  9. i used to wear my hair long but then when i got depressed, i cut it really really short. at that point, it felt so liberating to chop your hair off, i really don't know why. probably because it gave me sense of "taking risks". it's very therapeutic, actually! :)

    and now, i've been wearing my short since! love this entry of yours :) following you now!!


    p.s. follow me at http://ingrid-ism.blogspot.com

  10. def commonplace. i really need a new hairstyle. im stuck in a rut with my hair and only feel like wearing grey clothes.


  11. I think short cuts are very feminine. I want to cut my hair, because they're long and I'm living a new period of my life. Short hairs are not easy to wear (because of curls) but I admire that kind of woman... I think who can wear a short cut has a strong personality...
    Maybe in the future ^^

  12. I think that short cuts are very sexy and feminine. I cut my hair last year and I'm very happy. I feel stronger, more confident and I'm different than other women.
    I'll send you 2 pictures.