28 Feb 2011

Milano Runway

Salvatore Ferragamo

To me Ferragamo was the most elegant and chic collection. A classy working woman, 
in the mood of 80s Wall Street. Self-confident and feminine.
Pied de poule, pin stripes, prince of Wales during the day, and for the evening, embroideries, leather and lame'. Beautiful the collars and the little classic bags. 
A refined and traditional style like Ferragamo is.

Emilio Pucci

There were the multicolours prints in the Pucci collection but there was also an inspiration of Tyrol and Sissi The Empress in the embroidered dresses with the bustiers. Turquoise, purple, green 
the colours for the prints, 
lace and gold on the baroque black dresses to break the usual Pucci's style. Very glamourous.

Pictures from Vogue

26 Feb 2011

Milano Runway


Prada is always amazing, we can see a proposal of colours, lenghts, shapes, very 60s London.
Beautiful the two tones boots. She can always revise the past in a contemporary key
and nobody more than her can make the retrò allure so charming.
She doesn't follow trends, has an exact idea of her woman and sets the rules.


The Versace woman is always seductive and glamour, this time has a vague refined military tone. 
Beautiful dresses with minimal, coloured graphic drawings and golden buttons. 
Golden details you can also notice in the accessories, strong and pushful open toe boots 
and the big bags, absolutely very Versace.

Pictures from Vogue

23 Feb 2011

London Fashion Week

Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi's collection is one of the best of LFW to me. Asymetrical cuts, lace, lamè
and tweed with a very modern effect, especially on the skirts and the minidresses.
To burn the black he added green flash to the shoes.

Picture from Vogue.it

22 Feb 2011

From my wardrobe: Ici Bon Ton


I love this kind of jackets, to wear with shirt, jeans, heels and a long chain. I'd wear them every day :)
Tara Jarmon is a brand I really like very much, 
a very chic Parisian style (I liked visiting regularly the shop on the Champs).

20 Feb 2011

Colour Blocking: 2 ways

Vivid colours, volume in the hairs, gold and chunky jewels, much eye liner. It could be a way to perform the colour blocking trend to have as final effect, a mix of sensuality and glamour with echos of 90s.

But there is also another way to rock the trend, in a minimalist manner, very Jil Sander. What changes are the proportions. Bandage little dresses and mini in the first case and long skirts or baggy trousers  with simple shirts in the second. Only a bright lipstick, preferably pink, straight hairs and no jewels to complete the look.

Some tips not to miss the style? As it's always difficult mixing more than 2 colours, you should prefer combining colours of the same family like pink and orange, or purple with orange or green, or on the other side, green and blue. Neutral shoes are recommended not to have a drastic result. Anyway, in both the cases you will be noticed! Any preference?

Pictures from Vogue and Asos

16 Feb 2011

Fausto Puglisi Skirts

Hi guys,
sorry for the lack of posts, I have had a very busy week! In the brief spare time I have discovered these: the perfect skirts.
The mini skirts are from Fausto Puglisi, very talented young designer avalaible at Spiga2, the concept store signed by Dolce & Gabbana to promote emerging talents. Here you have some pics of his wonderful couture creations and it's not a case he's loved by Madonna.


Pictures from Vogue.it
I don't think will give in to the upcoming trend of the maxi skirts, even if I like the movement they create around the figure overall when are light, silky, see through and pleated. Think I will buy only  short skirts, to wear with something masculine. The mini is always more desiderable in summer. I look forward it comes!

And what about you? Are you gonna buy maxi lengths or are for mini?

10 Feb 2011

Women without men

There's a lot of talk about women in these days in Italy cause our premier's sex-gate. The Italian journalist and writer (one of the most important) Oriana Fallaci in The Useless Sex said "Women are not a special fauna and I don't understand why have to be, especially on newspapers, a subject apart: like sport, politics and the weather bulletin", I agree enough however, there are some times I need to talk about. Like now. 

What I like of women is that we are strong, ready to rush headlong into new things and adventures with courage and a little of recklessness, we bring ourselves into question always and change our boundaries, pursue our dreams with many difficulties, and even in the hardest moments we never give up. We study, nourishing our ambitions, work, to achieve the autonomy which allows us to be free and not depend by anyone. 
We grow up with the idea of parity, take for granted the idea of having the same and equal opportunities men have, even if when we come up against reality understand that we have to work very hard, twice, to get the same results (luckily is not so difficult for us!). We are the daughters of the women that in the Sixties took to the streets to claim their rights but it seems that we have not taken that baton. 

So I ask myself: Do we still need men allow us to achieve what we deserve? Maybe there are still too few women in the control room (think about Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, Cristina Fernandes, Hillary Clinton) not to talk any more about this issue. Say nothing of the Middle East and Africa  where to women even the human rights are still denied.
This consideration aims to know if in your Country this is still a relevant issue and what you think about it. I would like more girls were interested to state their opinions, involved in these issues. I would like all we girls drew our inspiration from other women with brains.

Oriana Fallaci in Vietnam
Interviewing Khomeini

2 Feb 2011

House of Lavande jewels

They are vintage and high value, some gold toned or in silver, others in gold with coloured semi-precious gems, everything is breathtaking and lighter or chunky, particular. It's the costume jewelry from House of Lavande
The collections of bracelets, rings and earrings, worn by many celebrities in the red carpets, come from various periods, since the beginnings of the last century to the Eighties (the Art Deco ones, in particular, are really very pretty and chic) and contain pieces signed by Elsa Schiaparelli, Kenneth Jay Lane, Chanel, Ysl and many other important jewelry designers. I selected what I loved more from the online shop. Which one do you like more?