20 Feb 2011

Colour Blocking: 2 ways

Vivid colours, volume in the hairs, gold and chunky jewels, much eye liner. It could be a way to perform the colour blocking trend to have as final effect, a mix of sensuality and glamour with echos of 90s.

But there is also another way to rock the trend, in a minimalist manner, very Jil Sander. What changes are the proportions. Bandage little dresses and mini in the first case and long skirts or baggy trousers  with simple shirts in the second. Only a bright lipstick, preferably pink, straight hairs and no jewels to complete the look.

Some tips not to miss the style? As it's always difficult mixing more than 2 colours, you should prefer combining colours of the same family like pink and orange, or purple with orange or green, or on the other side, green and blue. Neutral shoes are recommended not to have a drastic result. Anyway, in both the cases you will be noticed! Any preference?

Pictures from Vogue and Asos


  1. thank you for following! :) I look forward summer comes so I can turn to bright colours and mini ;)

  2. Love this trend as it's so easy-to-wear for summer!

  3. I LOVE this post. I just saw the Italian Vogue cover yesterday and ran away with it in Barnes and Noble. Is it strange that I find this stuff like candy, completely addictive and delicious. I drew myself wearing that Jil Sander look AMAZING!! Verychiclist, you're indeed very chic :)

  4. LOVVEEE this post... makes me soooo excited for spring!! (especially cause i live in canada and it's still soooooooooo cold here!!)

    Love the blog friend - following you :)

    Hope you'll come visit!