10 Feb 2011

Women without men

There's a lot of talk about women in these days in Italy cause our premier's sex-gate. The Italian journalist and writer (one of the most important) Oriana Fallaci in The Useless Sex said "Women are not a special fauna and I don't understand why have to be, especially on newspapers, a subject apart: like sport, politics and the weather bulletin", I agree enough however, there are some times I need to talk about. Like now. 

What I like of women is that we are strong, ready to rush headlong into new things and adventures with courage and a little of recklessness, we bring ourselves into question always and change our boundaries, pursue our dreams with many difficulties, and even in the hardest moments we never give up. We study, nourishing our ambitions, work, to achieve the autonomy which allows us to be free and not depend by anyone. 
We grow up with the idea of parity, take for granted the idea of having the same and equal opportunities men have, even if when we come up against reality understand that we have to work very hard, twice, to get the same results (luckily is not so difficult for us!). We are the daughters of the women that in the Sixties took to the streets to claim their rights but it seems that we have not taken that baton. 

So I ask myself: Do we still need men allow us to achieve what we deserve? Maybe there are still too few women in the control room (think about Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, Cristina Fernandes, Hillary Clinton) not to talk any more about this issue. Say nothing of the Middle East and Africa  where to women even the human rights are still denied.
This consideration aims to know if in your Country this is still a relevant issue and what you think about it. I would like more girls were interested to state their opinions, involved in these issues. I would like all we girls drew our inspiration from other women with brains.

Oriana Fallaci in Vietnam
Interviewing Khomeini


  1. Great Post darling!

  2. Oh I love Oriana for a long time. One of those great women 70's feminism gave us.
    I managed to get hold of the film you know, Women without man, and will watch it before I do a post on the subject as well. But I think Oriana is right, we do not need man to allow us. We are at the stage where men are no more the obstacle. Now, the only obstacle is us.


  3. My concern is that women will continue to be marginalised while we all, women and men, allow ourselves to believe we must be defined by sex. I'd rather not be primarily identified by my sex. It ought to be one of the last, and least important, definitions of a person.

    Essentially, I think the question you post is, in and of itself, damaging. Better to ask "why do we feel we must care about sex" instead.

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