1 Apr 2011



my favourite shades, a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer I keep with me everywhere, also in winter days.
English countryside.
authentic generosity from people you wouldn't expect.
reading an absorbing book. Boring books are awful, aren't they?*
friends (very few).
people who fights for the ideals, men and women who have courage at the cost of their life. How incredible is that?
white dresses in summer and leather jackets always.
fucking what people says (Even if it would wiser to listen).
American People**.


wasted time I can't get back.
time I don't have at the moment to travel abroad. Dreaming California. :-)
French Countryside.
those who don't practise what preach.
having fear.
thinking that world will never be changed.
tights in spring.
France that pushes the immigrants away.
when people doesn't have an opinion.
silly movies.

*By the way, I will ask your participation about this.
** I will talk about it in a post.


  1. I agree with a lot of your points. I also love the English countryside, especially compared to ugly Manchester it seems like the most beautiful thing in the world. Haven't experienced French countryside really, I've been to some vineyards which are lovely. I do love small villages in France thought, they always have a nice homely feeling.
    I love good movies and movies with a story line. Silly movies are debatable, I like some romantic comedies but I generally hate American comedies because they are usually a waste of time.
    Books are just amazing, definitely need to

  2. Meri: I hate French countryside for some reasons, but actually I think it's beautiful :)