2 Mar 2011

A Bellini please

The spare time of last week was made of a look at the catwalks, some going out with friends, some good aperos and a little of moments dedicated to myself, included a weekend spent to shop, bought some things by RedValentino I look forward to wear in summer! Any way it's still a long way off to think concretely about sun, beaches and having nothing in mind but which chill drink to order :-) So these desires stay only in my thoughts for now.

By the way of the last Milan catwalks we didn't see dominant trends in shapes, colours and themes.  Each designer expressed his type of woman with freedom and in a different way one each other, couldn't see common features. My personal preference this time goes to Ferragamo (and Scognamiglio is always my favourite new talent), I look forward to see Valentino. Have you got a favourite catwalk or a top 3?

It's sure that the most awaited catwalk will be Dior cause Galliano's crushing dismissal, you would already know he was removed cause the racist insults toward some people in a café. I think he has contributed a lot to the last Dior successes but nothing can justify racism, so the decision of the company was right and the only possible. I wish he apologies for this bad incident. What do you think about?
Update: His apologies are here The Official Statement.


  1. Galliano should apologise. He is seen in a different light now by the World. A shame, that he acted in such a shocking manner.


  2. I think what he said was absolutely, entirely, inexcusably wrong. That said, I think he too is only human and obviously needs sometime to really turn his life around.

  3. I wonder there's still racist people and it's difficult thinking about Galliano like a racist. I hardly would have expected this by him...