15 Mar 2011

About Japan

It's difficult in these days blogging anything but the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan. When a tragedy of this sort- it's said over 10,000 died and only God knows what the plant of the nuclear reactors will cause - strikes a whole population, you remain dazed, watching the dramatic pictures of what seems apocalyptic. Japan used to be prepared to earthquakes but not to a disaster of this extent. In front of this destructive strenght of the nature people remains defenceless. My thought goes to people who died, 
and also to all the people that needs help now, who lost anything, 
is looking for family, to the children, who is homeless. This tragedy concerns us all. What we can do now is supporting and givin our donation to the humanitarian organizations that are taking care, with the volunteers, of the victims of this unbelievable tragedy.  

We can donate by American Red Cross, 10 $ to number 90999 texting REDCROSS or here
or by Italian Red Cross 2 euro at number 45500 via SMS or here


  1. sono sconvolta anch'io dalle immagini che ci arrivano in tv. possiamo solo aspettare e sperare (e donare!).
    ho da poco finito di scrivere anch'io un post in proposito.

  2. I donated via amazon.com... They have the option on the site.

  3. This reminded me how fragile everything is and how the biggest tragedies are always unexpected and completely out of the blue. That's the scariest part of life :-(


  4. @all: It's scary. If it had happened in Italy, it would have been razed to the ground entirely...