14 Nov 2010

PARIS BEST ADDRESSES: le fleurs du mal

Hi darlings,
as promised this is the post of the best addresses in Paris from an ex-Parisienne who lived in the heart of the famous "triangle d'or", precisely in the 8th arrondissement. I think there will be other posts on the city. So the argument will not be depleted in only one post. I decided to give first the restos, bar, night, and cafè addresses. I will give you fashion shops and places in the next post on Paris. Among my adresses, some are discovered casually, some are the trendiest ones, some are cults you can't miss if you visit the city.



I have with Paris a hate-love personal relation. Paris is not only a fashion capital, is a wonderful city, beautiful to live for its bohemienne places, its beautiful Avenues, its gardens, its streets where you can find surprising little shops, the artistic mood you breath everywhere.
Obviously there are also negative things for a resident...for example, weather is a little bad and you have to get used to grey sky and never ending rain, and it's quite a job finding a classic fishmonger in the city centre except if you go in the marchè du quartier, an authentic Parisian istitution (personally I love  le marchè du mon quartier, le marchè de l'Avenue du President Wilson, tres chic).

I have to confirm the commonplace on the Parisian people, known for their snobism and which they are really proud (I lived some years there and I found very few genuine Parisiennes!) unlike the French people met in my journeys in the country (I adore Bretagne, Normandie, Cote d'Azur, Loire) I find more sociable and very kind.
Also I have to say that Parisian people changes restaurants, shops and trendy places as men change their shirts, this is why in my list there are cult addresses and personal very chic places, bear in mind I give you some addresses of my quarter, the 8th, the most expensive of the city.
So to make a long story short :), take note!

The Nomiya temporary box
Kong Restaurant
Le Bar du Plaza Athenee
Breakfast: the classic, Ladurè on the Champs Elysee, it's a pleasure having breakfast with stearling cutlery in a very elegant and fine environment (among the viennoiserie I go crazy for the pain au pistache et chocolate), as an alternative I love also the Cafè Marly, 93, rue de Rivoli, next to the Louvre, lovely to spend some time in the good weather. Angelina, 226, rue de Rivoli is the cult address for hot chocolate.

Cafè: Among the bohomiennes I love the Cafè Charlot, 38, rue de Bretagne and the classic Cafè de Flore in Saint Germain.

Japo: Takara, 14, rue Moliere, it's a traditional and authentic japo, the fish is extra fresh and the tempura very good. There is also a whole Japo restos street, the rue Saint Anne, go there and choose yours :)

Trateurs: Fuxia, 42, Place du Marché Saint Honorè. It's a good medium price address if you want pasta, salads. Notewhorty is the Italian Parmigiana.

Brunch: Nomad's, 12 rue du Marché Saint Honorè, good medium price address.

Bar: The top in the city is the bar of the Plaza Athenee, it's expensive, always fashionable, very elegant dress code, very chic people, it is an international address; The Cafè de l'Homme is very romantic, beautiful view, 17, Place du Trocaderò, good address to have a drink and a stunning view of the Tour Eiffel.

Dance: White Room in  Maison Blanche, 15 Avenue Montaigne, Le Baron, 6, Avenue Marceau, Vip room, 188 bis, rue de Rivoli, Le Montana, 28, rue Saint Benoit. They are the top, you have to be very cool to go in, it's very hard to go through the door. The Favela Chic is an alternative address.

Resto: l'Atelier du Joel Robuchon, it's expensive, the crowd is very cool, you can see some celebrities here, Kong, Japo French, rue du Pont Neuf 1, panoramic address, good food, note for the fashionistas, it was the set of a Parisian episode of Sex and the City, it's at the top of the Kenzo Palais and the bar is chic too.
Among the Spanish ones I like Fogon, one star Michelin, to taste paella, tapas along the Seine.
I like also Spring, 6, rue Bailleul, medium price, good food, booking is necessary some weeks before!
La Societé, 4, Place Saint Germain de Pres, is a very chic address in Saint Germain, I love it.
A new address, very very cool, on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo is The Nomiya, very very long booking list.
The George Restaurant on the top of the Centre Pompidou.

Pizza: Pizza chic, 13, Rue de Mezieres, is the trendest pizzeria of the moment, is very little and  attended by fashionable and cool people (to Parisians the more little the more chic it is). The environment is not so noteworthy in my personal opinion and the pizza is good.
But I love Paparazzi for the pizza, 6, Square de l'Opera Louis Jouvet, the pizza (very big) :D is the best I have tasted in Paris, the environment is fine and in summer you can eat outside, in the square.

Epicerie: La Grande Epicerie, 24 rue de Sevres.

Boulangerie: Julien, 75, Rue Saint-Honoré

Markets: Marchè du l'Avenue du President Wilson, Marchè bio RaspailMarchè aux puces de Vanves.
By the way about Marchè aux puces de Vanves, I will dedicate a whole post, I do adore it.

WHAT TO SKIP: the touristic restos in Montmartre, the Buddha Bar.



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