1 Jul 2011

Summer Set 1


This set contains my latest obsessions:
My favourite shopping bag at Prada's, the colour matches with anything and it's very handy. I'm appreciating the ease of a bag more than the shape and I have a thing about shoulder strap.
The mini by Missoni (I'm looking for that), very sexy, so also during the day we add a  bit of colours in a black-oufit, it would be perfect also with a white shirt to wear knotted in the waist.
Something sheer like that shirt.
And a pair of simple black sandals but without a stiletto heel.


  1. That Missoni skirt is to die for. So perfect for a nice night out. And I am totally a Prada girl. And a Miu Miu girl: They are my go to for purses and this one is a gem!

  2. You're right, that Prada bag immediately caught my eye!! I just love it and the best part is you could probably fine low-end substitutes for some of the other pieces and the splurge on your favorite ticket items.

    Meag xx

  3. This is such an italian look and I love it. Love how chic and sexy all the items are. Yes, even the bag is sexy to me :-)))