11 Jul 2011

Dreams VS Real Economics

The pictures are from Valentino Haute Couture collection, a symbol of an intimate luxury, 
reminding of an aristocrat woman of Russian origins, who wears light but hyper-precious dresses
with romantic and flattering shapes.
 Couture is a privilege for few people and we all can only dream of it, but to be honest, in these times of financial and economics crisis, I relate in particular to the public debt crisis that is involving Italy (but also Usa) and the consequent always growing fiscal pressure, the fall of the stock exchange indexes (FTSE mib in Italy) and the high levels of volatility, the growing spread of Italian government bond yields compared to German's ones, judged to be in decline, the negative opinions of American rating agencies on Italian markets and the speculative attacks, and more concretely,
a problem that concerns the whole Euro zone,
the widespread unemployment from which only Germany seems to be safe,
Greece and Portugal seem to be closer and so on...
I don't want to bore you...I feel that there's very little space to dream.
 (you know I have sometimes a critical approach to fashion, though knowing that fashion is besides a big game, an industry with many employees)
Do you have some considerations about it?
I think young people must have "broad shoulders" for the future.


  1. Fabulous collection of Valentino!!!

  2. Crisi o meno, la democratisazione del lusso è un ossimoro, un'illusione, una bugia, un argomento marketing. Il lusso è per pochi, un vestito come quelli richiede ore e ore di lavoro ed è normale che costino gli occhi della testa. Io mi accontento di ammirarli :(

  3. My husband (who works in finance) feels it's his personal duty to keep me informed of all market movement, at all times. Doubly so when I spend a bit too much. But it keeps everything in perspective. And it is always, always, much wiser to invest $$ in your financial portfolio than clothing. When has a purse ever garnered you a return? Well, unless it's vintage Hermes of course, but who can afford that;)

  4. Noelani: yes, more preferable to invest in financial portfolio then clothes...and in more assured investments since stock exchange up and down performances!