28 Dec 2010

The tourist

Hi dear,
After the first days of laziness what do you do in the freezing nights of these winter holidays? How are you spending these days :)?
Last night I went to cinema to watch The tourist, the movie with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deep shot in Venezia, I was impressed by the set (I look forward to go to the wonderful Venezia and get lost among its calle :D) and by Angelina Jolie's dresses designed for the occasion by Ferragamo. The dresses and the suits she wears are glamorous and chic, timeless and very refined classics like in Ferragamo's tradition, love this style, have in mind to buy a pair of black long gloves like her one :).

By the way of Angelina Jolie's personal style I have to say she is always perfect. No eccentricity, she usually prefers feminine dresses with simple but sexy shapes, only one colour (white, black and pale pink) matched with black or neutral colours shoes. Sometimes only one statement jewel, I still remember the emerald drop earrings she wore in a red carpet, fabulous! She doesn't need much to be beautiful like a real diva. Great example of elegance, less is more is always a truth.




  1. I hope to catch this movie this week...I am a die-hard Johnny fan! And Angelina looks great as always in this.

  2. everyone has been raving about these! the slits r waaaaaay too high for me but i can understand why people like it.


  3. Beh.. dopo un articolo su Angelina e il tuo commento... direi che una capatina in quel di Venice è d'obbligo! ;P

    Davvero bello anche il tuo Blog (lo terremo d'occhio, anche per qualche spunto)!
    Un bacione


  4. I saw the movie yesterday and I have to say that the dresses were chic and glamorous (As you said) but not for her. She looks older than she is...xxxx


  5. She is amazing and I think the characther in the film represents her normal style when we are talking to fashionable moments. I just think they (Jolie and Depp) were wearing too much make up what make them look older... BTW that photo you posted, the first look, is my fav. Perfect in Paris... Oh I want return there and stay one month this time!!


  6. Jolie is really amazing. She is so skinny that sometimes you think she is going to fall apart. Her walking from the apartment to the café in Paris was one of the best walks ever.