31 Dec 2010

Personal wishes and other

When I write a more personal post I never know if you could be interested or not. Therefore if you are not, stop reading the post :) and wait for the next one, otherwise click on these personal wishes.

Everybody: I wish you will spend the most AMAZING night of your life and the new year will be SPARKLING for all of us :)
This year can't be considered one of my best :) but if I make a balance I have to say I have learned a lot, you find below a little list of considerations hope will come along with me in the next year, maybe there's something rhetorical but assure I experienced anything write (these are not wisdom pills, am not a guru :))

Being ALWAYS positive and optimistic
Trusting only in yourself (you could find this a too existentialist  thought, but is what I think and am)
Never giving up your dreams and goals even when the path is uphill
Not thinking too much in the far distance future and living in the present
Not thinking too much (this is very me :))
Spending yourself for people who really deserve it
Not caring too much in clothes and so on...(it could appear a paradox in a fashion blog, but this is not only a fashion blog :D)
Enjoying each moment of the life and smiling :)

PS: by the way of New Year's eve dress...my room has been a battlefield this morning :DDD but finally I decided what wear!!


  1. Wise words, couldn't agree more! Happy 2011 to you!

  2. Happy New Year! I am of the same existentialist philosophy ;)