30 Dec 2011

Return and go

Hello dears,
I'm sorry in this period had no time for blogging, was super-busy almost everyday, almost no moments of relax, and at night I really looked forward to see my bed and sleep, 
so apologize for my absence and thank all of you who have stayed and the new readers who came.
Also the upcoming period will be of hard working so hope you can understand 
if won't be able to write as I wish. 
Said that, I will continue to read your wonderful blogs.

Anyway I couldn't let the new year begin without my wishes. 
So my dear readers, I wish
this 2012 will be full of love, health and peace, you can fulfil your dreams and achieve your goals. And for me, just one wish. But I'll tell you afterwards. Promise.

Romy Schneider


  1. I'm hoping your wish comes true, whatever it may be! Thanks for the New Years wishes - wishing you all the best in 2012! :)


  2. Hope you one wish comes true (and has a big reveal soon- don't keep us in suspense too long!!). Best wishes for a fabulous 2012!