18 May 2011


Ah...Hermes! Totally a dream...Birkin and Kelly, aren't the most coveted bags?! They are the summa of the chic you can add to embellish your look. Exude glamour evoking past divas, they are like a jewel, charged of history, in the hands of a classy-uptown girl.
But Hermes, you know, represents overall a sort of goal of success and status of a working-woman. It's a symbol, an object with an intrinsic value. It's said you don't have to get it before 30 years old.
It's not yet the right moment for me, in the future who knows?! I think it's something you have to earn only as times goes by. I wish I deserved it.

For now let's try to close the eyes and imagine colour, shape and materials among the unnumbered ranges of this dream. And then keep this vision as a secret wish.

Couldn't be the awaiting cathartic? If I will be able to have it in my hands, at the end, am not so sure I'd buy it...at least new immaculate. It's something that can't be kicked around, right? So where is the fun?

Pictures from The Coveteur (Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's closet)

So my ideal is: vintage, used so I don't have to be too careful, Kelly Retourne, 32, black leather,
gold hardware. Although am not an Olsen fan, I'm totally crazy with this look from head to toe:


  1. mmmmmm I want it in blue.


  2. I love the idea of a vintage one, I am just so wary that it is real! I have been waiting for one to come up again at my local auction house. I passed on one last year and have been kicking myself ever since.

  3. I love Birkin, I could never afford one but sooo beautiful! Sigh, a girl can dream :)



  4. i love birking and I'VE GOT ONE!! ;)
    check it out on my blog :D


  5. now I'm sick ... I adore these bags,but I'll NEVER get one...

    alexandra @