8 Sep 2010

Lady like attitude

Louis Vuitton campaign

Zara skirt

Prada bag
From Prada catwalk to Louis Vuitton one, the imperative is returning to a feminine retro atmosphere, to fifties look inspired by the series Mad Men, so let's go with tiny waist corsets and flared skirts! But be careful if you are not all curves woman, you can satisfy your whims with accessories, mid heels and little lady bags!

Dalla passerella di Prada a quella di Louis Vuitton, l'imperativo è ritornare ad un'atmosfera femminile retrò, al look anni 50 ispirato dalla serie Mad Men, così, via ai corsetti a vita stretta e gonne svasate! Ma attenzione, se non siete donne tutte curve, potete sbizzarrirvi con gli accessori, mezzo tacco e borsette da lady!


  1. Holy 50s! I'm loving this trend. And I hope to get that Zara skirt. Great cut and fabric


  2. There are a lot of vintage pieces of this style we can find in the street markets or we can look for some pieces in our grandma's wardrobe!Thanks for comment!:-)